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What Stops Us

What stops us from doing what we need to do in order to get what we want? When we have have a tool as wonderful as EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) to clear our issues, what stops us from using EFT to do just that?  Don't think it will work? Believe it will take too much time?  Don't want to get over the issue and let someone off the hook?  We may not realize it, but most of the time we don't know who we'd be without that emotion and therefore don't want to give it up.  Either that or we're afraid of who we'd be without it.    

EFT is a wonderful tool for clearing what stops us. It's a wonderful tool for clearing negative emotions so you can see the answer to a current problem.  But, when we don't use it because we don't want to see that answer, it can't help you.

When you're stuck in negative emotion and you either find yourself not using EFT to clear up the problem, or you're using EFT and it doesn't seem to be working, sit down and determine what it is you do want.  That can sometimes be very difficult when you are in a conflicted situation.  In this case, I recommend determining how it is you want to feel.  Once you can determine what it is you do want, you can work toward focusing on that instead of what you don't want.   

This is what you do to overcome what stops us…  Write down what your situation is and what outcome you would like to see and/or how you want to feel.  Next, write down all of the negative emotions you're experiencing and clear them with EFT as best you can.  Next, imagine for about a minute, a time when you felt the way you want to feel.  Really get yourself into that state and then make a request to the universe, God, your higher self, or whoever or whatever you believe in, to grant you the outcome you desire… whether it be a way you want to feel, or a specific situation.  If it involves another person, I highly recommend your request be about your feelings and not about what someone else does or doesn't do.  Next, create an affirmation around the issue and hammer it in daily until you actually do feel the way you want to feel.   As I mentioned before, The Bright Future Workbook has a worksheet that you can use that follows these guidelines and shows you how to hammer in the new feeling.  I use this worksheet all the time… for everything… and I'm still amazed at how quickly my requests come about.  I actually take the quick manifestation page and move it to my What-I-Want section and then study it daily… imagining myself feeling the way I want to feel.  Because I use the PDF version of the workbook, I print it out double sided, 3 hole punch it and put it in a 3 ring binder so I move pages around. 

The Quick Manifestation Worksheet that comes in The Bright Future Workbook as a bonus is a wonderful tool that outlines the steps to turning your situation into a positive one.  I really think this process is something everyone can use and what a great friend you’d be to forward this along to everyone you care about! 

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