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Anemia - Healing the Emotional Cause

Becoming aware of the subconscious patterns contributing to any "problem" can lead to healing

Anemia - Healing the Emotional Cause

Did you know that anemia can actually have an emotional cause? anemia

As a clairvoyant healing practitioner and transformation specialist, I have found that many physical problems have a contributing emotional cause and this is is a good example.

By utilizing an effective tool called EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), you can clear up the emotional issues that are at the root of the problem, therefore conquering the first step in healing the physical issue.  

Although in my healing work I have found core causes can be very specific to the individual, the EFT statements below utilize Louise Hay's emotional interpretation of the physical problem and may help you. If you are not resonating with Louise Hay's emotional causes, check out my free eBook for more information on how to determine YOUR core emotional cause.

EFT works best when you know the core emotional cause of your anemia problem.

My free eBook not only teaches you the EFT technique, but also contains a secret method that will help you discover what the core emotional cause is.

In addition, it provides insights as to how imbalances in different aspects of your energy system as a whole can contribute to any dis-ease.

I have my own twist on using EFT for physical issues, and this is what it would like like for the following issues:

Setup: Even though I may have this anemia and it may be the result of a "yes-but" attitude, lack of joy and fear of life, and of not being good enough (Hay's words in orange), I deeply and completely accept myself, and realize it is safe for me to experience joy in every area of my life and give myself permission to love and enjoy life.

By the way, if any of the parts of this phrase "a "yes-but" attitude, lack of joy and fear of life, and of not being good enough" remind you of something that is going on with you, you can also use your own words in the setup phrase if they make more sense.

“Delete” round of tapping: Eye Brow: “deleting this yes-but attitude", Side of Eye: "deleting this fear of life", Under Eye: "deleting the not-good-enough", Under Nose: "deleting the yes-but attitude", Chin: "deleting any emotional reasons for my anemia", etc. on all the points, including the gamut, alternating with statements relating to the issue.

“Insert” round of tapping: EB: “inserting a love for life ", SE: "inserting the safety to experience joy in my life", UE: "I am free to love and enjoy life", UN: "I am good enough", CH: "inserting abundant joy", etc. on all the points, including the gamut, alternating with statements that "insert" a feeling of well being.

To determine if there are other factors contributing to your anemia, a distance healing session is recommended. In a healing session, I can find the other patterns that have caused this problem, look for contributing history, and send healing to those patterns in addition to sending healing to the physical issue itself. The result is that you may see other issues transform in one session as well.

As an intuitive life coach and healing practitioner, I am able to detect the emotional (and otherwise) patterns that have caused the anemia and send healing to each and every pattern that shows up.  For example, when clairvoyantly viewing the causes of constipation in one client, I saw an image indicating emotions were being swept under the rug, hesitation in action (causing "backup"), and a nervous habit of twirling the hair to name a few.

What is so cool and so awesome and why I love this work is that these patterns can be manipulated energetically and the ultimate result is transformation in so many areas of your life! There is a reason why you experience physical issues such as this and when those reasons are healed, it's amazing how other aspects of your life are healed as well!

If you'd like to start transforming your anemia problem, you can purchase an initial session with me for only $60.  I offer this low rate for an initial session because I realize you may not be familiar with this type of work and the low rate gives you the opportunity to experience energy healing with a minimal investment.

Neutralizing negative emotions and healing the emotional cause of any problem is the first step in transforming it. To learn the other steps in transforming your problems and consequently your life, subscribe to my online program, Consciousness 101 today.

I would love to assist you on your journey. Click the link in the signature below to learn HOW and WHY my healing work is effective. Feel free to call me at (949)295-6135 or email me if you have any questions.


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