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Healing the emotional cause of constipation is the first step in creating conditions that unblock the bowels, creating a healthy flow in this and other areas of your life.

As a psychic healer, I have found that many physical problems have a contributing emotional cause and this is is a good example. I have found that there is an emotional cause of constipation or at least, is a contributing factor.

In my work, the first thing I do is look for the inciting incident that initiated the creation of the constipation. Then I look at the effect that had on your energy field, which oftentimes tells me exactly the emotional cause of the constipation. I also look for the mindset that causes the problem to persist. Your spirit is trying to tell you something by creating the physical problem. The mindset that has been established as a result of the inciting incident is suppressing gifts/strengths/abilities that are meant to take you in a wonderful direction! I also look to see what that is, in addition to looking for the truth that would be more empowering and creates an easy flow in your life in general! A standard healing session will also include a few more Matrix Energetics tricks I have up my sleeve to help you make the shift/transformation you're looking for.

By utilizing an effective tool called EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), you can clear up the emotional cause of constipation that is at the root of the problem, therefore conquering the first step in healing the physical issue.  

Although in my healing work I have found core causes can be very specific to the individual, the EFT statements below utilize Louise Hay's emotional interpretation of constipation and may help you.

Although EFT can be used on physical symptoms such as "this constipation", sometimes with astounding results, it works even better if you are aware of the core emotional cause of constipation in your specific experience.

If you are not resonating with Louise Hay's emotional causes, my free eBook has specific examples of how my services can help, and there are testimonials below of healing constipation in children.

EFT works best when you know the core emotional cause of constipation for you.

My free eBook not only teaches you the EFT technique, but also contains a secret method that will help you discover what the core cause is.

In my free eBook, I have also listed other causes for consitpation that have shown up in healing sessions.

EFT for the Emotional Cause of Constipation

Now onto some EFT statements that may help you neutralize the emotional cause of constipation.

I have my own twist on using EFT for physical issues, and this is what it looked like:

Setup: Even though I may have this constipation and it may be the result of refusing to release old ideas, being stuck in the past and sometimes stinginess (Hay's words in orange), I deeply and completely accept myself, I release the past, allowing the new, fresh and vital to enter allowing life to flow through me.

By the way, refusing to release old ideas, being stuck in the past and sometimes stinginess may remind you of something that is going on with you and you can also use your own words in the setup phrase if they make more sense.

“Delete” round of tapping: Eye Brow: “deleting this refusal to release old ideas", Side of Eye: "releasing old ideas", Under Eye: "clearing the issues that are stuck in the past", Under Nose: "deleting this stinginess", Chin: "deleting any emotional reasons for my constipation ", etc. on all the points, including the gamut, alternating with statements relating to the issue.

Note that with so many aspects to this complex physical issue, you might find more success on doing a delete round of tapping for each emotional aspect. For example, one round of tapping on each point repeating "this refusal to release old ideas". One round for "this stinginess ", etc. And I would rate the SUDS level before moving onto the next emotional aspect. AFTER all aspects have been cleared and you've experienced a substantial shift in your emotions toward a higher vibrating state of being, then move onto the insert round of tapping.

“Insert” round of tapping: EB: “inserting the new, fresh and vital", SE: "allowing the new and fresh to enter", UE: "allowing life to flow through me", UN: "accepting the changes of life", CH: "inserting love & adaptation of new and fresh ideas", etc. on all the points, including the gamut, alternating with statements that "insert" a feeling of well being.

If you are not familiar with EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), none of this will make sense to you. I hope you will take a few minutes to learn about a powerful procedure that cannot only help you neutralize the emotional cause of constipation, but change your life in many ways. Download my free eBook to learn more.

To determine if there are other factors contributing to your constipation, a distance healing session is recommended. In a healing session, I can find the other patterns that have caused this problem, look for contributing history, and send healing to those patterns in addition to sending healing to the physical issue itself. The result is that you may see other issues transform in one session as well.

"After trying many modalities, my 6 year old daughter was still constipated and had a leaky gut..." (see detailed description of problem)

"The night you worked with Christy's energy patterns, she woke herself up and went to the bathroom. It has been many, many months since she has done this on her own..." (see details of healing)


"My 16-month-old son had been constipated for months, was clingy and under significantly visible distress because of it. I consulted our chiropractor, naturopath, pediatrician, and acupuncturist for help with constipation. I did not think they were taking the situation seriously enough. My perspective changed because Sundi saw a dark, negative energy surrounding my son. No amount of dietary changes or chiropractic adjustments would have addressed that!

The good news is, he had a significant bowel movement the evening of his reading. In addition, he is happy, silly, and adventurous. I am very happy with Sundi's services."

- Melissa, WA


In Melissa's son's case, he was actually "sitting on" this discarnate, dark energy. EFT can help with something like that because when you raise your own vibration by neutralizing negative emotions, that negative energy has nothing to "stick" to. However, I can also clear that type of energy in a healing session.

What is so cool and so awesome and why I love this work is that healing can be sent to patterns such as this and the ultimate result is that life flows more easily in many ways!

If you'd like help in determining the emotional cause of constipation for you and to start transforming your constipation problem, you can purchase an initial session with me for only $60.  I offer this low rate for an initial session because I realize you may not be familiar with this type of work and the low rate gives you the opportunity to experience energy healing with a minimal investment.

Neutralizing negative emotions and healing the emotional cause of constipation or any other problem is the first step in transforming it. To learn the other steps in transforming your problems and consequently your life, subscribe to my online program, Consciousness 101 today.

I would love to assist you on your journey. Click the link in the signature below to learn HOW and WHY my healing work is effective. Feel free to call me at (949)295-6135 or email me if you have any questions.

In loving light,

Sundi Bright
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