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Psoriasis was something that I'd heard of, but never imagined I would psoriasis have. I woke up one morning and my scalp was itchy and flakey.

At first I thought it was dandruff, but I had some serious scaley sores developing on my head and it was not a pretty sight! In fact, when I went to get my hair cut, the sylist's comb would keep sticking on the sores. It was nasty!

I found relief by using Tachyoned OS Formulas, however, I do have to keep these products on hand for when the psoriasis decides to return. The results are quick though! If I feel an itch on my head, I start using the products and right away the itching stops. I may use them for a couple of days but then I won't use them again until I get another itchy indicator of the psoriasis. Specifically, I use the Tachyonized Liver and Gallbladder Tonic in addition to the Tachyonized Lymphatic and Glandular Tonic. These same two products work on eczema, which I tend to get on my hands.

I believe that psoriasis could be the result of an emotional issue and it's worth a try to try to clear that up first. In my case, doing EFT on the emotional issues outlined in Louise Hayes' book didn't specifically clear it up. However, when I followed all the steps of The Secret Formula, I was able to find a remedy quickly. The Secret Formula is best described, practiced and learned to make a habit of in my Consciousness 101 Online Course.

The EFT statements below utilize Louise Hay's emotional interpretation of the physical problem. If these statements don't resonate with you, there may be another reason. A healing session with me would help to get to the core cause of the psoriasis, whether it be physical or emotional (or otherwise) and heal those patterns.  

EFT works best when you know the core emotional cause of a problem.

My free eBook not only teaches you the EFT technique, but also contains a secret method that will help you discover what the core emotioanl cause is.

In addition, it gives examples of the aspects I look for in my healing sessions.

Although EFT can be used on physical symptoms such as "this psoriasis", sometimes with astounding results, it works even better if you are aware of the emotional issue that is causing the physical problem.

Now onto some EFT statements that may help you clear the emotional cause of the psoriasis.

I have my own twist on using EFT for physical issues, and this is what it looked like:

Healing the Emotional Cause of Psoriasis with EFT:

Setup: Even though I may have this this psoriasis problem and it may be the result of fear of being hurt, deadening the senses of the self and refusing to accept responsibility for my own feelings (Hay's words), I deeply and completely love and approve of myself, and am alive to the joys of living and I deserve and accept the very best in life.

By the way,refusing to accept responsibility for my own feelings may have reminded me of something that was going on with me that I also used in the setup phrase, but being that EFT is such a subtle healer, I don't even remember what it was. If you're having this issue, feel free to be more specific in your setup phrase if you are so aware. An outside perspective can help you with this sort of thing and that's why it's beneficial to work with a practitioner like me :).

“Delete” round of tapping: EB - “deleting this fear of being hurt ", SE: "removing the deadening senses of self ", UE: "deleting any refusal to accept responsibility for my own feelings", UN: "deleting this fear of being hurt ", CH: "deleting any emotions causing my psoriasis", etc. on all the points, including the gamut, alternating with statements relating to the issue. The fear of being hurt thing really hit home for me and that's what I concentrated on the most.

“Insert” round of tapping: EB - “inserting a joy in being alive", SE: "inserting acceptance of the very best in life", UE: "inserting a joy in being alive", UN: "healing this psoriasis ", CH: "inserting acceptance of the very best in life", etc. on all the points, including the gamut, alternating with statements that "insert" a feeling of well being.

If you are not familiar with EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), none of this will make sense to you. I hope you will take a few minutes to learn about a powerful procedure that can change your life in many ways by downloading my free eBook.

If the emotional causes for psoriasis mentioned in the EFT statements above do not resonate with you or do not help you, a distance healing session is recommended. In a healing session, I can find the patterns that have caused any problem, look for other contributing factors, and send healing to those patterns in addition to sending healing to the physical issue itself. This may result in a complete healing as a cascade of healing energy coming forth from the time the problem started until the present moment.

As an intuitive life coach and healing practitioner, I am able to detect the emotional (and otherwise) patterns that have caused the psoriasis and send healing to each and every pattern that shows up.  

If you'd like to start transforming your psoriasis problem, you can purchase an initial session with me for only $45.  I offer this low rate for an initial session because I realize you may not know or trust me or this type of work and the low rate gives you the opportunity to experience this type of energy healing.

I would love to assist you on your journey. Click the link in the signature below to learn HOW and WHY my healing work is effective. Feel free to call me at (949)295-6135 or email me if you have any questions.

In loving light,

Sundi Bright
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