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Allowing Abundance

How do you go about allowing abundance? Consider the following statement:

“Your negative emotion means that you are disallowing your own expansion.” ~Abraham-Hicks 

What do they mean by expansion, anyway? Aren't you allowing abundance when you're expanding?

We came to this planet for the purpose of expanding, and we can only do so based on the contrast in our lives. Contrast often creates negative emotion, but that negative emotion is only there to help you realize what you don’t want and then "expand" by creating what you do want (and don't we all want an abundant life?). It's not there for you to stay stuck in it or dwell on it. Once you know what you don’t want, you can create what you do want.  And the way that you do that is by focusing on what you do want. When you focus on what you do want, you are allowing abundance. Have peace in knowing that you can change what you do not want and that you are expanding when you do so (ie. growing, learning, evolving & creating… which is why you’re here).  If this knowledge alone does not help you clear your negative emotions, use EFT, as you MUST be in a higher vibration in order to create what you do want.  Otherwise, you will simply attract more of the negative... more of the stuff that's vibrating at the same level you are. So, clear the negative emotion, raise your vibrations, and focus on what you do what.

To reiterate…  negative emotion is disallowing.  Allowing is KEY to getting what you want.   So, to allow, you must clear your negative emotions you have around a person or situation and realize that the problem is only there to give you clarity about what you want. 

Gratitude for being put in a situation that allows you to know what you do want is most productive to your expansion… and to your getting what you want.  Try to find the good in the situation you're in or about the person you're dealing with and feel grateful for the contrast that helped you to realize what you do want. Once in a high vibration, ask for what you do want, and feel the peace in knowing you will have it.

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Love & Light,

EFT certified

Sundi M. Bright

Life Coach specializing in Abundance
Alternative Healing Practitioner, specializing in EFT and The Reconnection

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