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Breaking Up is hard to do

Heal in a way that transforms the relationship

FREE Group Healing Session October 27, 2014

So he/she is breaking up up with or has broken up with
AMAZING YOU? breaking upOr, you want to breakup with him/her because they are not treating you like the AMAZING YOU that you are?

If this is the case, healing is needed and it starts with you. YOU ARE amazing, and yet it is likely that you are covering up your awesomeness with defense mechanisms based in ego.

A large number of submissions from the Manifestation Quiz in The Secret Formula iPhone app have been related to relationships breaking up this past week and I want to help. When we are breaking up with a significant other, it is not uncommon for the person being broken up with to want their ex-significant other to come crawling back. Why? Because it will give you the feeling of being wanted, loved, and appreciated that you so desire. However, the key to having your partner realize how great you are, is for you to truly know that first. And to not need him/her to verify it for you.

There are patterns that are common between many couples experiencing breakup situations and those common patterns will be discovered in my next group healing session.

My free weekly group distance healing session, taking place on Wednesday, Oct 29, 2014, will focus on healing the loss, rejection and other negative emotions that result, along with the patterns that have created the situation, allowing you to move into alignment with a more desirable outcome. To be a part of this free healing, complete & submit the Manifestation Quiz in The Secret Formula iPhone app explaining your breakup or possible-breakup situation.

I have facilitated healings that result in many relationships being saved from inevitable breakups. So even if you think you want out, when certain ego patterns are healed, revealing the best parts of you, amazing transformations are possible. Please note that if you are being abused, I do not recommend staying or blaming yourself for the abuse. I do recommend taking care of yourself by getting the help that will facilitate healing from the abuse, and revealing the true-you that will attract the person that treats you like the special gift that you are. When you submit your form, I will have the information I need to include you in this healing work and report my findings here after the session.

Once you have submitted the form, check back here after October 29th to learn what spirit revealed as the most common causes to relationship breakups, what you may need to know and how healing was applied.

I look forward to being of service to your spirit.

In loving light,

Sundi Bright