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Sundi Bright,
Clairvoyant Creator transformation specialist

What does a Clairvoyant Creator do? 

A Clairvoyant Creator troubleshoots energy imbalances. 

Everything is energy and that means anything can be transformed with better energy. Energy of higher vibration and light.

The trick is knowing what to look for and I am persistent about finding the patterns that have caused physical issues and other problems in your life.

I know for a lot of people that sounds scary.  That might mean uncovering something about yourself that you don’t want to hear, but awareness is important to your transformation. The defense mechanisms you have in place to "protect" you, may also be blocking you from what you really want.

I assure you that the process is gentle and always for your highest and best good, because not only do I look for the patterns that have contributed to “problems” in your life, I work to shift each pattern into something that allows for and is in alignment with your desire.  Transformation is going to come in the form of either knowledge that creates the shift, knowledge that prompts you to do something that causes the shift toward your desire, or from energy that is applied while I’m in session.

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There are all kinds of things that I can look for in a session that may be contributing to your problem, whether it is related to your health, relationships, finances, or otherwise. I start with what, in my experience, is the core cause of the problem. During my EFT training, I learned that most physical issues are the result of emotional issues. However, it is the ego that is at the core of most emotional issues! It can take a bit of detective work to find out what it is that has built up the ego to the point of blocking you from what you want, but I have learned exactly what to look for and healing these parts of you will create the shift/transformation/manifestation you're looking for.

It’s honestly quite easy for a lightworker to view patterns of imbalance and send healing. However, he/she must know how to find the underlying causes of the imbalance in order to create lasting healing.  Knowing what to look for, what to ask for and how to ask for it in a way that will provide healing is key.

A low-cost introductory session will give you a taste how this works and the possibilities for this work are only limited by your imagination and belief system. 

Just about anything can be transformed into something more desirable, and in my practice, I use my clairvoyance & troubleshooting abilities, Matrix Energetics concepts and various healing modalities along with the assistance of other helping energies in the universe to transform the health, finances and relationships of my clients.

Here are some examples of problems you may want to transform:

Don't want / Problem
Loss / Loser
All Conquering
Popular / Rockstar

Keep in mind, I don't foretell the future. I help you create the future you want by posing questions that will provide answers and healing that help you get there!

I recently did a session with someone (who is 3000 miles away) who wanted a greater level of connectedness with his wife and it got me thinking about the infinite possibilities for transformation this work provides. Truly, you can transform anything and shift it into something better.

What I am basically doing as a Clairvoyant Creator, is troubleshooting the human energy field (or anything else that needs transforming).  This is appropriate considering I have a background in computer troubleshooting.  As a computer technician, I dove into the inner workings of computers to solve problems and keep them running smoothly.

Now, as a Clairvoyant Creator, I do the same thing with people, animals, situations, and other “problems”. I believe that anything can be transformed using the formula I have created and when you're just not sure "what" to transform to take you to the desired outcome, that's when a healing/transformation session with me would be beneficial. I look deeper at the reasons you are experiencing an uncomfortable situation and for the blocks that keep you from what you want and I send healing to those patterns. The result is transformation!

There are reasons we aren’t where we want to be... those reasons simply need a new perspective and the love and light of the universe.

Every “problem” has a reason for its creation.  Everything is energy and everything has been created.  So when the reasons for these problems can be accessed as a pattern, image or scene, a Clairvoyant Creator can heal the effects of these patterns with energy or by shifting it to a more beneficial, already existent pattern.  Energy & answers provided by the vast morphic field of infinite possibilities along with the healing power of angels, high guides and ascended masters, which I am grateful to have on my healing team transform anything.

In the case of my client who wanted a greater level of connectedness with his wife, I found many patterns that were creating the disconnect.  After sending healing to these patterns, he reported back that his wife wasn’t getting angry with him over his insecurities and accusations and even offered ways to help make him feel more secure, which, he said she’d never done.  This is a perfect example of how subtle, yet powerful, this type of work can be. 

Wendy (in Australia), who had a session to work on a financial block writes: “I am feeling a lot 'lighter' and very positive about a few things that have come up just in the past week - I'm taking on a work place course next week which is paid for by my employer, and I'm quietly confident that once I have this new qualification it will lead to a salary increase for me! I have found that 'lack' thoughts have completely gone, which is just brilliant!  Thanks again for your healing - you're amazing!” If you're familiar with the law-of-attraction, you know that feelings of lack will surely block you from abundance. Wendy wrote back after a couple of weeks with this news: "I just wanted to let you know that I got the salary increase, and it surpassed my wildest expectations!  I'm so happy about it!  Thanks again for all your help!" 

Hillary who wasn't getting much sleep due to her boyfriend's snoring writes "Wow, one session with Sundi and my boyfriend's snoring is history. We are now both able to get a good night's sleep, which truly transforms many issues!"

I helped one client in Michigan with a serious constipation issue in her 6 year old daughter. She writes: "The night you worked with Christy's energy patterns, she woke herself up and went to the bathroom. ...(more detail)... I also notice that it was as if a layer of fear had lifted and she was much more comfortable with her physical presence. I also sense a bit more confidence about her. " When I work on an issue such as constipation, I'm look for the causes, and those causes may be other issues you're having in your life that also shift when I do this work.

If the unknown forces that have led to the undesirable situation were to be healed, your situation would shift into something better.  Are you ready for that?

Now is the best time to experience this transformation as I am offering you an introductory session at the low price of $60.  This work can be done at any distance, so it doesn’t matter where you are, you WILL see an improvement that far exceeds the price of a session. 

You can also learn to do this work yourself by subscribing to my online course at Consciousness 101. There is a short meditation included with this course that will guide you through some of what I do in a healing session and will allow you to experience this type of transformation every single day, if you so desire.

I hope to have the opportunity to assist you on your journey.

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