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VIP Page

This section is devoted to those who have already purchased The Bright Future Workbook, or who have had a personal session with me. I plan to put lots of great stuff here that you, as my valued customer, will be exclusively able to access.

For now, here are a few things that I want you to have:

  • Guide to Journaling using The Secret Formula: For those of you that have Rev G of The Bright Future Workbook, I have added a page as a guide to journaling. Please download, print and follow the guidelines. It will make a huge difference in your manifestation abilities!
  • An update to the instructions in your workbook. I change the instructions frequently, and therefore want you to have the latest and greatest info. (Update coming soon)
  • An example of an Image Board I did in photoshop for the purpose of slipping into the clear front cover of the workbook. Now your workbook cover can be something you look at before you do anything. Envision having those things and that should raise your vibrations very quickly :).
  • A modified version of EFT: This makes more sense to me. EFT is taught that when you tap, you're clearing negatives, but often EFT is used to tap in positives. It makes more sense to me to use this method when doing it that way. I recommend reading this article even if you don't want to change the way you use EFT as it has some tips for using EFT for manifestion and physical issues as well.
  • Bonus Material: Lots and lots of great stuff here (and more to come), but super secret just for my clients!
  • Help Form: We're here to help! Click the link to take you to a form with questions about your situation that will help us help you. A response will be emailed to you, or you can download a pdf version of the form to help you gain insights into your own situation.