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Free Mediumship Readings

I’m happy to report that I am offering free mediumship readings until May 18, 2015. I’m expanding my service offerings again and I need free mediumship readingspeople to practice on before I feel comfortable charging my clients for this new service.

I’ve recently been guided to offer mediumship readings and would love to help you connect to loved ones that have crossed over with this free mediumship reading. 

Connecting with loved ones and guides on the other side can help you in many ways and I'd love to assist you with this process by offering this free mediumship reading.
For example, you may have loved ones that have crossed over that may have hurt you while they were alive and wish to make amends. Even if you have no desire to hear from such a person, it would benefit you to connect with them, because if they are sticking around, it is possible they are lowering your vibration with any sadness or guilt they may feel, which would affect you in a negative way. Forgiving and releasing this person would help you both, allowing any earthbound spirits to proceed to the light. I recently helped a woman connect with a brother that had passed over, who had been an alcoholic and used and abused her while she took care of him before he crossed over. The gratitude and desire for forgiveness I saw in him helped her to release the resentments she had experienced since his passing 2 years prior.

A more obvious benefit would be connecting with loved ones you miss and wish to know how they are doing on the other side.

In another client, I saw an alien-looking spirit guide that had confirmed my client’s suspicions of a Pleiadian connection.

In another case, I saw what I believed to be the higher-self or spirit of my living client, showing me current health struggles and dietary modifications that would help her.

Again, I'm offering a free mediumship reading to help me gain enough experience to add it to my offerings.

Loved ones that have passed will be the same person. In other words, they will have the same personality. I may see exactly what they looked like when they passed, or they may choose to show me a healthier, happier version of them now that they are without pain. They will show me signs to help determine who it is we are connecting with and then may have a message for you.

Up until now, I’ve chosen to work with high guides and angels who show me the answers to questions I ask in an attempt to troubleshoot “problems” in a person’s life, sending healing that helps them transform their situations. I was of the belief that ordinary souls may not be able to offer the high level of guidance that I was seeking. However, even though your cousin Mary may not have been knowledgeable in regards to worldly situations, she does have a higher perspective from her point of view and may even be able to offer insights into what is coming up in the future for you. I am finding that it can be extremely beneficial to reconnect with departed loved ones to gain these insights.

Please note: if there is a particular person you expect or wish to hear from, that person may not come through. I cannot force a spirit to communicate that does not wish to do so. In the case of suicides, a spirit may not be willing to face any mistakes made in “life” or may be too embarrassed to do so.

In any case, we all have loved ones around us that would love to connect and may bring an important message that will help you with any current struggles you may be experiencing. And I’d love to help you make that connection!

The only thing I ask in return is your written feedback on the reading so that I may do what is necessary to become the best medium I can be.

I am able to do these readings Monday – Thursday, between the hours of 4-8:00pm eastern time in the US, until May 18, 2015. If you are able to call me during that time frame, please contact me and I will schedule the free reading.

I am still offering transformative healing session to help you heal the underlying patterns that have created undesirable situations in your life and offer a number of services to help you do that.

  • A question session may give you the knowledge you need to do your own tapping to heal a problem.
  • A mini-session will look for and send healing to the inciting incident that has initiated the creation of the problem, the nemesis that causes the problem to persist, the emotional pattern that is stuck in your energy field and any past life pattern or karma that is contributing to the problem.
  • A standard session will go much deeper, asking the same questions as asked in a mini-session, and also looking for and sending healing to the defense mechanisms that block your desire(s), detrimental thought processes, ancestral patterns, along with many other patterns I’ll be guided to look for based on whatever it is you’re struggling with. The end result will be healing that aligns you with what you want!

In any case, it would be my privilege and pleasure to connect you with the spirits that surround and love you and I hope to have the opportunity to do so.


In loving light,

Sundi Bright
Psychic Healer and Law-of-Attraction Coach


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