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Gas Prices Got You Down?

If gas prices have got you down, you're not alone. This issue with the price of gas being so high is likely to cause a negative vibrational shift of the entire planet! Whining and complaining about gas prices won't change things, however. If you have read "The Secret" (or seen the DVD or listened to the audio), you need to remember that being negative only creates more negative. I know this sounds crazy, but what we need to do is start implementing the law-of-attraction and collectively changing things with our own minds. Doing that will require what I outline on this website, in my workbook, and in a very special manifestation worksheet that is offered as a bonus in the workbook.

To put it simply, this is what we ALL need to do:


Stop feeling negative about gas prices . That means no anger, no worry, and no cursing our current president. If you have a hard time neutralizing your negative emotions, I've got just the thing for you. It's callled EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques and it works! Follow the link to learn more.

2. Raise your vibrations. Start thinking of good things and being grateful the price of gas is not even higher than it is. While you're at it, think back to a time when the price of gas was much lower.
3. Visualize the price of gas coming down. Feel how it would feel if this were really true. If you're not familiar with The Secret, you may think I'm crazy, and therefore, I recommend you read the book. I personally liked the audio better, but what else can we do to change things if not to change our own minds? I am personally tired of everyone else's negative emotions about the price of gas continuing to cause them to go up!
4. Send a link of this website to everyone you know! This needs to get around and we ALL need to start doing this. In fact, if we do this in every area of our life, including the economy, we might just be able to change the world with our thoughts.

If you want to get REALLY good at this process, get my workbook wink

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