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Hammer It In

Are you using the HAMR technique to "hammer it in"?  That thought or situation you are wishing for?  I not only use this technique to instill a new thought process, but also use it to hammer in that feeling of having the things I want… and you can too.  Whether it’s a feeling, a situation, or a thing, I’ve found that manifesting things happens much more quickly than ever before if you hammer it in!  I admit… I can be lazy in doing my manifestation work.  I might look at my image board or “What I Want” pages daily, but I don’t necessarily focus on them the way that I should.  I have found, however, that this little technique and the process that it takes you through, really gets you feeling the way you’re supposed to feel in order to manifest what you want.  I have modified the HAMR technique slightly to include pressing an affirmation into your chest at the end and believe that it makes the technique even more effective. 

In my last bright-blip, “What Stops Us”, I talked about taking the time to determine what we do want.  Once you know what you do want, the HAMR is the perfect tool to help you visualize and to move you toward getting want you do want. In other words, to "hammer it in"! It is part of the exercise in the manifestation worksheet which I use to HAMR in every single thing that I want.   I use it to manifest a successful meeting, a great day, an easy drive to some place I may be going, and especially to turn situations around that I am not happy about.  And you know what?  It works!  You can also use it for bigger things, although for the big things, I still use the “What I Want” page, which provides space for an image to help you visualize that thing. 

If you are overwhelmed with the process of manifesting, look for my next bright-blip.  It will explain how to make the process simple.  And take it from someone who can be very A.D.D. and overwhelmed with too much information, the process is simple, easy to follow and very do-able.

Love & Light,

EFT certified

Sundi M. Bright

Abundance Coach
Alternative Healing Practitioner, specializing in EFT and The Reconnection

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