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How To Create

This page will tell you how to create everything you want. Whether it's a great relationship, better health, a new home, financial security, and/or general overall happiness, this page focuses on the how the law-ohow to createf-attraction works and how to create the life that you want.

You’ve heard it before…. Thoughts are things.  You get what you want by thinking about it. 

As an analytical, left-brained kind of girl, this never made much sense to me and therefore, I had to study and practice and take seminars and read and keep doing it and keep doing it and keep doing it until this not only made sense to me, but worked for me.  Hopefully, I can explain it in a way that will make sense to you and therefore allow you to master the art of creating.

How to create… first think about what you want

Most of us get focused on what we don’t like and don’t want in our lives.
The first way that you can start creating what you do want is by turning those don’t wants into “do wants”. Learning how to create starts by doing something as simple as that.

If all you can think about is what you don’t want, you will create it.  If you are constantly thinking about what you don't want and having those things happen, well you already know how to create, don't you? The reason that the don’t want things seem to manifest so easily is because of the emotion we put into it.  The more feeling and emotion that’s put into what you think about, the faster it’s created.  For example, if you want a new car and you’re complaining about the old car, it may break down and give you a lot of problems because that’s what you’re worried about with the old car.  The worry is intense and therefore the object of your worry is affected pretty quickly.  You pretty much already feel like your car is old and unreliable and therefore it is. 

If you can make an assessment of the situation without the emotion and simply realize that you DON’T want “this”, you can decide that you DO want something better.  The real question is how to create what we want. I admit, it’s hard to create the emotion that you have something when you don’t, but the fact that what you “don’t want” manifests so easily is pretty good proof that that’s how it works.  Some would call that intuition, but honestly, your intuition does not work that well when you are in a low vibrating state!  Intuition comes from a high vibrating, trusting state of oneness with source energy, which you will also come naturally when you do what's on this page.

So, let’s say you know what you want and you think you know how to create and you’re thinking about it and you’re thinking about it and you’re doing affirmations and you’re imagining yourself having it and you still don’t see signs of its physical manifestation. 

If you’re doing that much, you’re actually trying too hard, “need” it (not a high vibration) too badly and are pushing it away from you.  Learning how to create also involves letting go.

To bring those things into physical manifestation, you first have to clear the things that block you from having what you want.  The biggest blocks to physical manifestation is the not-feeling-like-you-have-it.  And the not-feeling-like-you-have-it is the result of:

  • limiting beliefs,
  • subconscious thoughts,
  • negative programming,
  • negative emotions,
  • disconnected from source,

and even such factors as

  • geomagnetic interference,
  • adverse astrology,
  • clouded, stuck or discolored chakras,
  • past life issues,
  • discarnates and
  • other attachments in our energy field 

Whew!  It’s no wonder why you keep thinking of the thing and you still can’t manifest what you want! 

It really takes some daily work to clear this stuff!  When you can stay positive and believe that what you want is already yours, you can break through all of these barriers with that positive energy.   The Secret Formula helps you do that.  By doing 6 steps every day, you determine what’s bugging you and go through the steps to clear it.  Positive energy has far more power than any of the above and you can knock these guys out with a 1-2 punch if you really work at it!

If you have a hard time staying positive and trusting, you may need the help of an energy practitioner than can see, feel or sense these blocks and shift them for you.  That just happens to be my area of expertise!

Just as it’s wise to have a professional fix your car, do your taxes, cut your hair, or repair things in your home, its good have someone experienced and knowledgeable in these things do them for you and guide you through the creation process. 

Here are a few reasons why you might get help from someone:

  • You may not recognize or know what blocks you from having what you want.
  • You may find it hard to be positive when you’re not seeing enough evidence of what you want.  And when you don’t see enough evidence, you become even more upset. 
  • You may not know the true you that has the power and the universal support to achieve all things.
  • You simply don’t take the time to work on your own issues.

And here’s what I can do to help:

  • When you inform me as to problems or issues that you’re having and the life that you prefer, I set intention for the session or subscription period and work to shift it to what you want.
  • I can tune into your energy and see physical issues, patterns or images that represent issues and I can scan for any of the factors mentioned above.
  • When I observe these issues without judgment or emotion (which is easy from my outside perspective), I can perform techniques to clear and/or heal them.
  • I can feel or sense that possibility of what you want in that other dimension and track its progress to physical manifestation.  Whether it is a health issue, a relationship issue, a financial issue, or any other issue, there is a resolution and I can help you find it and manifest it.  
  • My ultimate goal is to coach you through the process of realizing your own power to create. My Consciousness 101 program does that beautifully and you can purchase that by itself or with coaching. While teaching you how to be the you that you really are... which is powerful, talented and loved... and by providing a little extra help when you can't seem to be in that feel-good state, you will experience transformation you would've never dreamed of!

Sometimes it just takes a little nudge in the right direction.

I highly recommend my Ultimate Package to make this happen! With this package, you get one regular session, one 30-day subscription and the Consciousness 101 Course.
Happy creating!

Love & Light,

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