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The Neutralize-It Express Session

Energy-only session to neutralize-'it'

I've been on a mission for the past 7 years

Knowing I was preparing for something

Working away at helping people face the shadows

And let go of old baggage

So that they can ascend

But it was tedious for a long time.

"Gotta do this better", I thought



So I can help more people

Cuz it was just so tiring doing just a few

Had to be as thorough as I possibly could

Learning every angle into it

So as not to miss anything


And just as we get down to it (a short time before this coronavirus thing)

I remembered my days in the IT world

I always tried to get it to that …

Fixing computers was so easy for me

I knew before I’d go to troubleshoot a computer problem

That I'd fix it easily

And I didn’t even know how I knew half the time

How to fix something

But I did


That was my goal for helping people

They can’t be weighed down by the sandbags of past traumas…

And be able to ascend!

Can’t, can’t, can’t

Gotta be an easier way

Gotta be


In computers, I loved to automate tasks with macros, scripts and short programs.

Well, energy work is similar to working with computers.

I can ‘program’ something, say, with a gesture

That’s NLP

But, I use crystals

Because they… and a lot of people won’t believe this… have a consciousness

They can hold the program, yet also be a little more intuitive… not just a set of tasks in if/then statements

So, once I understand the ‘logic’ of how to heal spiritually

I can setup the program with if/then statements and the tools will hold the program that neutralizes said 'problem'.

There’s actually some pretty intricate code in there.

What I do in a Neutralize-It session is programmed in the wand and another piece that I have created.  They work together. 

In a regular Neutralize-It session, I give you a reading with specific information like who you are, what your true essence looks like, how you’re not in alignment with that, what the incident was that created a charge that holds you in the same pattern, what entity has been created from that charge, also seeing how karma (may be ancestral or past life) comes into play. As I access the information, I neutralize or remove or do whatever needs to be done with said pattern. 

With the crystal wand and companion tool, I don’t do the reading, but when I use the tool for any given 'problem', the information is downloaded to your energy field (or comes up from the shadows) and you will start remembering and releasing things. You also get a copy of my journaling outline when you purchase this session as I highly recommend you write to release and the outline guides you through getting the information that will likely come up.

It is something you will feel. You will experience a tangible shift.

I don’t even tell people when I do it and they can tell me they were feeling stuff at that time and recalling the memories, then feeling lighter as they released.

Here's part of what one client said about her experience when I did the work:

"I'd like  you to know that when you were doing the neutralization I had an image of what may have been connected to this problem from a past life. I saw myself as wounded in a war- probably WW2 because I was air-lifted by a helicopter to a hospital. I had been shot in the neck, and was told the bullet just missed a main artery- I was on oxygen, but I pulled through..."


I have a lot more testimonials, but for now, I'm anxious just to get this up so I can help the people that have already contacted me for more of this work.

After your purchase, you will receive a link to a form that provides me with the information I need to connect to your energy field and initiate the neutralizing. After I have done that, I will send you an email to let you know I have done it, along with other instructions and a link to the journaling outline that you can download.



The Neutralize-It Express Session


I look forward to assisting you on your journey!

In loving light,

Sundi Bright