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The Secret to Weight Loss

A natural, no-pills guide to losing weight using the law-of-attraction

The secret to weight loss is outlined for you right here on this page. It was one of the first things I accomplished by using The Bright Future Workbook myself and it was surprisingly easy. Before the workbook, I was plagued with thoughts about how to achieve weight loss. What was the secret?! It seems I constantly thought about how fat I felt, and yet I felt hungry all the time and like I ate constantly. And the more stressed about my weight, the more weight I gained.

This guide outlines the steps I took to losing the weight using techniques talked about in The Secret, the law-of-attraction and EFT. I didn’t take any diet pills, starve myself, or workout excessively. This page contains the secret to weight loss in a completely natural way without dieting, taking pills or starving yourself!

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The first 10 steps of the process to achieving your weight loss goals should be completed in Section I of The Bright Future Workbook. Alternatively, you can write down the answers to questions 1-10 on a blank piece of paper, or in a journal or notebook. This is the up-front work that needs to be done to prepare your mind to manifest your perfect weight. This section may take 1-5 days to complete. After you have completed these first 10 questions, there will be 1-4 steps that you will be completing each day that should take no more than 15 minutes to do.

  1. Write down the ideal weight you want to be at. Do not write down the weight loss goal, such as 10 lbs. Simply state your goal. My weight goal was 115 pounds, but I also added that I wanted to look toned and sexy. If you have a picture of yourself at your desired weight, bring it out! If you don’t have a picture of yourself at your desired weight, find a picture of someone who looks like they are at your desired weight for your body type. Body type should be as similar to yours as you can find, otherwise you won’t look at this picture and be able to believe that you can be at that weight. In your workbook, you will paste this picture in the box provided in Section I. To summarize, you want to write down the end result you're seeking as opposed to the weight loss goal.

  2. Write down why you want to achieve this weight loss. Be honest about why you want it. Some common reasons are as follows:
    • To look good for my mate.
    • So I look good in a bikini by summer.
    • Because ______ is skinny.
    • Because my husband called me fat.
    • Because I’ll be healthier.

  3. Write down the feelings that the weight loss will give you. Try to avoid negatives such “not fat”. Some examples are:
    • Confident
    • Sexy
    • Desirable
    • Attractive
    • Skinny

  4. Take a look at your answer to question 2. Ask yourself if your reason for wanting this weight loss is positive or negative. If you said something like “because so-and-so is skinny”, are you experiencing feelings of envy? Envy is not a positive emotion and you should right down negative. If you wrote down “because my husband wants me to achieve this weight loss”, are you noticing feelings of resentment because he is not happy with your current weight? That is also a negative and something you should recognize.

  5. List any other negatives you may feel because you are not at your desired weight. You can also write down things that are hindering your weight loss efforts. Some examples might be as follows:
    • Unable to fit in my clothes
    Excessive appetite
    • Dissatisfied
    • Feel like I need to have something in my mouth
    • Bored so I eat
    • Eat out too often
    • No time to shop or prepare healthy foods
    • Addicted to or crave sweets, carbs or other fried fatty foods
    • I envy those who are thin
    In Louise Hay's book "You can heal your life", she has a chart that outlines different emotional reasons behind fat in certain areas of the body. Click on the links below for EFT routines if they apply to you: • Fat (in general)ArmsBellyHipsThighsCellulite

  6. Clear the negatives listed in #5. You may have your own tools for clearing or neutralizing negative emotions, but my favorite is EFT. If you have not learned about EFT, you can go to our website for a basic understanding. It is important that you get to a place of deeply and completely accepting yourself in spite of the fact that your past or present weight loss efforts have not succeeded. It is common for us to believe that if we accept ourselves with these extra pounds, that we won’t have the motivation to reach our weight loss goals. EFT is a wonderful tool for clearing the bad feelings you have about yourself for not being at your ideal weight. It is the easiest way I know of to get your mind in the right place for achieving your weight loss goals. When you feel the feelings of being happy with yourself, your body just naturally seems to get there!

    If there are too many negatives you are experiencing because of the extra weight, just work on a few of them at a time. You can work on a few each day until you get to where you want to be.

  7. After you have cleared the negative emotions surrounding your current weight, take a minute to determine whether or not this weight loss is what you really want. This is a very personal choice and you may decide that you truly are happy with yourself and choose to stay at your current weight. The end result is to have the feelings you wrote down in #2, right? If you can look back at those things and feel those feelings, then you’re done. If you don’t have the feelings you wrote down in #2, then continue.

  8. If your initial reason for wanting this weight loss was negative, create a new and empowering statement for wanting the weight loss. Again, the reasons can be anything such as “so I look good in a bikini for summer or for my vacation”, or “because it means a healthier me”, or “because it gives me self confidence”, or whatever. We all have our own personal reasons for wanting to be at a certain weight.

  9. List any limiting beliefs that may be coming up when you consider your weight loss goals. Limiting beliefs are thoughts at the back of your mind telling you why you will not be able to reach your desired weight. Some of examples of limiting beliefs when it comes to weight lose could be any of the following:

    • No one in my family is thin/I have fat genes.
    • It feels like it will take to long
    • I will have to starve myself
    • I won’t be able to eat the foods I like
    • My mother told me I’d never be able to lose weight
    • My wife won’t love me anymore
    • My friends will be jealous and won’t talk to me
    • I’ve had 6 babies, I couldn’t possibly lose the weight
    • I’ll feel deprived

    At this point, you may not be able to come up with all of the limiting beliefs that are keeping you from your goal, but you will have the opportunity to examine your thoughts each day to determine what it is telling you in regards to your weight.

  10. At this point, with all of the negatives cleared or neutralized, you should be finding yourself in a place of empowerment. Command your higher self to melt off the extra pounds. You can phrase this any way that resonates best with you, but the phrase that I used was “I request the presence and attention of my higher self and all spirit guides…I command you to see to it that the pounds melt off of my body, bringing me to a desired weight of _____ lbs in a healthy manner. Thank you in advance for granting this wish and any other that I may ask for in the future”.


Although, at this point, you may “deeply and completely accept yourself”, you may want to examine your thoughts on a daily basis to make sure that you’re not slipping away from reaching your goal. You can do so in 4 simple steps. They don’t necessarily have to be done in the order listed. If you are not feeling any negatives, start with #1. If you can’t do #1 because you’re feeling negative about your weight, or doubtful that you can lose the weight, start with #2 or #3. If you are not feeling negative, or having doubts about being able to reach your goal, you will simply do #1.

  1. Imagine yourself being at the weight you want to be. Feel the feelings you would feel if you were already there. You may want to look at the picture that represents you at your desired weight.

  2. If negative feelings about your current weight have crept back in, write down those emotions and use EFT to clear them. If you have any dissatisfaction about the length of time it’s taking to reach your goal, write that down as well, and clear the “dissatisfaction”. Remember, negative emotions block the view of yourself being at your desired weight.

  3. Think of a time when you felt happy and powerful. It might be a time when you were at your desired weight, or it might be something else completely. The idea is to put your mind and body in a state that is vibrating at a frequency that creates and attracts ALL of the things you want in your life. With the negatives clear, you should be able to accomplish this step easily.
  4. Meditate for a few minutes a day. Find a quiet place, breathe deeply, quiet your mind, feel the high vibrational state you put yourself in in step 3, let go, and relax. This is the state of mind that will bring answers to any issues you may be facing. This might be a time when a limiting belief that was unconscious becomes conscious. Write down anything that comes up so that you can address it in your next session.

The Bright Future Workbook is a convenient place to record everything that’s outlined above, and also to guide you through achieving anything else you want in life!

Good luck!

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