Your Wish Is My Command

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Your Wish is My Command

Your higher self, God, the Universe... whatever (or whomever) you believe in... is there to say to you "your wish is my command".

That is, as long as your reasons are the right ones, AND you are asking from a place of empowerment and knowing. " Your Wish is My Command ". Get used to that phrase. You own it. I tend to believe that the statement should be "Your Command is My Wish". Command for what you wish for, and the universe is eager to provide. You are in charge of your own destiny. You are the boss. Act like it!

This principal works! Here is a good example...your wish is my command
There was once a time when I discovered a hummingbird had flown into the house. I followed it into the hallway and as it fluttered on the ceiling, I lifted my hand up and commanded it: “come down here and I’ll let you out”.  For some reason, I had no doubt that it would do so.  And it did!  The universe said to me "your wish is my command!" It landed on my hand and I walked outside to let it out.  It actually stayed on my hand long enough to get a picture! How often does that happen? We all have that power.  We just have to realize it and use it. 

If you think back, I'm sure there are times when you felt empowererd... when you felt confident... when you felt strong! Weren't you getting what you wanted? Alternatively, think about the times when you felt insecure and needy. Were you getting what you wanted at that time? Probably not. Manifestation does not come from a place of need. Not unless that need is accompanied by empowerment and faith that you will get what you need. Manifestation comes from a place of empowerment and faith.

So, go ahead... I dare you. Command what you wish for!

To help you learn to use your power to create, I have created The Bright Future Workbook. With pages to guide you into a place where you feel empowered enough to command what you want from the universe, you absolutely cannot lose!




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