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Allergies - Healing the Emotional Cause

Becoming aware of the subconscious patterns contributing to any "problem" can lead to healing

Allergies - Healing the Emotional Cause

As with other physical illnesses, when you neutralize the allergies emotional causeemotional cause of your allergies, it can lead to healing of the physical problem. 

As a psychic healer, I have found that many physical problems have a contributing emotional cause and this is is a good example. I have found that allergies do have an emotional cause or are, at least, a contributing factor.

By utilizing an effective tool called EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), you can clear up the allergies emotional cause that are at the root of the allergy problem, therefore conquering the first step in healing the physical issue.  

Although in my healing work I have found core causes can be very specific to the individual, the EFT statements below utilize Louise Hay's emotional interpretation of the physical problem and may help you.

Although EFT can be used on physical symptoms such as "this sneezing", or "these allergy symptoms", sometimes with astounding results, it works even better if you are aware of the emotional cause behind the allergy problem. In the case of allergies, it is also useful to psychically look at the relationship with each allergen, looking to see where that came from and healing that relationship.

EFT works best when you know the core emotional cause of your problem with allergies.

My free eBook not only teaches you the EFT technique, but also contains a secret method that will help you discover what the core emotional cause is.

In addition, it provides insights as to how imbalances in different aspects of your energy system as a whole can contribute to any dis-ease.

EFT for the Allergies Emotional Cause

Now onto some EFT statements that may help you clear the emotional cause of allergies.

I have my own twist on using EFT for physical issues, and this is what it looks like:

Setup: Even though there may be an emotional cause to my allergies, and it may be the result of an allergy to someone specific and possibly denying my own power (Hay's words in orange), I deeply and completely accept myself, and I choose to see the world as safe and friendly, I realize that  I am safe and choose to be at peace with life.

By the way, an "allergy to someone specific and possibly denying my own power" may remind you of something that is going on with you and you can also use that event in the setup phrase. If you're having this issue, feel free to be more specific in your setup phrase if you are so aware. If the phrase "I choose to see the world as safe and friendly, I realize that  I am safe and choose to be at peace with life" feels uncomfortable to you, The Bright Future Workbook, which includes Consciousness 101, can be very beneficial to helping you learn the power of creating abundance in your life by using my special formula to create the trust and gratitude that attracts the things to you that you want in life.

“Delete” round of tapping: Eye Brow: “deleting this denial of my own power", Side of Eye: "deleting the dislike ", Under Eye: "deleting any these allergy symptoms", Under Nose: "deleting the this allergic reaction to _____", Chin: "deleting any emotional reasons for my allergies", etc. on all the points, including the gamut, alternating with statements relating to the issue.

“Insert” round of tapping: EB: “inserting peace & realization that the world is safe & friendly ", SE: "healing these a llergies", UE: "inserting peace & realization that the world is safe & friendly", UN: "healing these allergies", CH: "inserting peace & realization that the world is safe & friendly", etc. on all the points, including the gamut, alternating with statements that "insert" a feeling of well being.

To determine if there are other factors contributing to your allergies, a distance healing session is recommended. In a healing session, I can find the patterns that have caused this problem, look for contributing history, and send healing to those patterns in addition to sending healing to the physical issue itself. The result is that you may see other issues transform in one session as well.

Allergy Testimonials:

"I contacted Sundi in regards to the food and seasonal allergies I had been experiencing. Immediately after my session, I felt lighter, and my breathing was easier. I truly believe I no longer have any food allergies. I also feel like my seasonal allergies are less severe and will in fact disappear altogether. In addition, I have been repeating an affirmation that developed out of my session and I am noticing that my communication is easier, clearer and better received. My relationship with my spouse is improved, also because I have been performing the HAMR technique which I learned about in Consciousness 101."—Julie, Virginia, U.S.


"My issue was 3 weeks of coughing and sinus issues. On the day of my session, I woke up from a nap, breathing clearly with no cough. I checked my email and found that Sundi had done my session while I was sleeping.

I found the reading very helpful and it was right on. Such great insight to bring awareness to some things I wanted to ignore. My 3 week cough was nearly completely gone within 24 hours and my energy and health felt the best it has felt in a month. It also felt like a huge layer was peeled off and the next layer is ready to address and handle."

- Lindy, TX


"I contacted Sundi regarding healing my allergies, which were out of control. After I submitted the in-take form, I felt hopeful for the first time. I found the reading to be very accurate. Although I still don’t completely understand all of it, the parts that were clear were very revealing. A trusted person in my life had impure motives and my body had been trying to communicate this through my allergies. After the session, I immediately noticed my constant sneezing stopped, my nose stopped running and my eyes stopped itching. The single biggest benefit that I’ve noticed since my session is that my allergies are gone. When I start to feel stuffy, I know that is a signal to follow my heart and not let others manipulate me for their benefit. Sundi also recommended some reading material that has been life-changing. It has affected my approach to life in a very positive manner."

- Scotti, Billings, MT


I have written a short book that explains exactly what I do may in a session to facilitate the healing of your allergies and it can be accessed at howtotransformproblems.com.
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What is so cool and so awesome and why I love this work is that these patterns can be manipulated energetically and the ultimate result is transformation in so many areas of your life! There is a reason why you experience physical issues such as this and when those reasons are healed, it's amazing how other aspects of your life are healed as well!

If you'd help in learning the emotional cause of your allergies and to start transforming your allergy problem, I recommend a Psychic Healing Session and you can purchase and schedule your session directly at schedulesundibright.com. To learn exactly what I do in a session to facilitate the healing of your allergies and to understand your own inner process, my book explains how it all works in an easy to follow and understand format.

Neutralizing negative emotions and healing the emotional cause of any problem is the first step in transforming it. Please see my Services page to learn of the many ways I might be able to assist you on your journey.

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