Transformational Healing Form

Transform Problem to Desire Form

What problem do you want to transform in your life?

The This vs That Transformation Form

In order to connect with your energy field, I do need some personal information from you along with the details of what you want to transform.

For any specific problem or challenge, this session will tell you what imbalanced pattern is projecting out as the problem (this), and either what a balanced state looks like for you, or what the energy of your desire looks like (that). 

I will also do some energy work to connect you to that balanced state or desired possibility, helping to dissolve the blocks/resistances that hold you away from that desire or balanced state. 

I may also provide some insights as to what will or need to occur for your desire or balanced state to manifest.

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.
When you describe, in detail, what you want, the possibility is created in the ethers or the quantum field, giving you a higher chance of having it manifest in the physical.
If you leave this question blank, I will look for the balanced pattern that would neutralize/negate/eliminate the problem pattern.

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