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Do you experience feelings of overwhelm when it comes to doing your manifestation work?

Does it seem too difficult to go through the steps everyday in order to achieve what you want to achieve?  Do you get stalled in doing your manifestation work because you don't know what to do next? Do you feel a little A.D.D. when it comes to focusing on manifesting? I have gone through the same thing, and although I wrote the Bright Future Workbook to make the process easy, I realize that I have added or modified the process as I go along, making things a bit confusing and sometimes overwhelming.  To make things a little clearer, I wanted to tell you how I work the system because it works for me!   I use the PDF version of the workbook because I can print out the pages as I need them, 3 hole punch them and put them in a 3 ring binder that has been divided up with index tabs.  Here are the basic steps.

1. Do Step 1 of The Bright Future Workbook  

The first thing I do is look through my step 1 pages to determine which negative emotions I want to clear today and write them in #1 of my daily page (from the Action Guide).  If there are others (such as overwhelm), I write them here as well.   After I’ve written them down, I use EFT to clear the negative emotions before I go on. 

2. Go through the pages in Step 2 of The Bright Future Workbook, find something that makes you feel good and write it in #2 of your daily page. 

I browse the Step 2 pages, reading the lines on each page and feeling the gratitude and joy from those moments. I write a couple of them down in my daily pages, along with anything new I may feel good about.

3. Do your manifestation work. 

I like to think about what I want to manifest today, and write that in the #3 space on my daily page.  For each thing that I want, I imagine myself having it.  If limiting beliefs or undesirable consequences of success become apparent when I think of this thing that I want, I clear the negatives with EFT, think of a time when I had something similar, and then imagine myself having what it is that I want.   To be thorough, I use the manifestation worksheet for each thing that I want that I haven’t completed a “What I Want” page for.  For more immediate things, I complete the manifestation worksheet, making sure I clear negative emotions about a situation, raise my vibrations, ASK once for what I want, imagine myself having it, and then hammer in the idea of having it.

4. Meditate.

Later in the day, I meditate.  I will often take a "what I want" page from my workbook, lay it on my chest, ask for ideas or answers as to how to get this, and then meditate.  Before I go into a meditative state, just as I do every morning, I clear any negative emotions and attachments to the thing that I want and imagine a time in my life when I achieved something similar, or simply be in a high vibrating state. Then I go into meditation after imagining being in a place of already having this thing that I want.   I might receive ideas while meditating or later in the day.  When I do, I write them in the Ideas section of the Bright Future Action Guide.  If it's something I can take action on right away, I do so, but I still write it down in that section so in case I get distracted, I don't forget, and so that I can check off the thing when I do it, giving me that feeling of accomplishment.

5. Honor yourself & give thanks for today’s accomplishments and manifestations.

Before I go to sleep at night, I give thanks.  Whether or not you are a religious person, gratitude is a high vibrating state that brings you great things and it’s a great way to end the day!

I hope this makes the process a little less overwhelming or confusing.  If not, it may take an outside perspective to help you clear feelings of overwhelm or other negative emotions so you can move forward.  I would love to help and can even do EFT sessions over the phone.

Best wishes for a bright and abundant future!


Love & Light,

Sundi M. Bright
Psychic / Medium / Shaman / Law-of-Attraction Coach

Helping to facilitate transformation by accessing the state of possibilities.

  • Shamanic Healing Practitioner
  • Certified Matrix Energetics Practitioner
  • Certified Psychic / Medium
  • EFT Cert-I Practitioner
  • Certified Psychic Counselor
  • Certified Angel Card Reader™
  • Certified Realm Reader™
  • Reconnective Healing & The Reconnection
  • Ordained Minister

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