Transformational Healing Form

Transformational Healing Form

Completing this form initiates the process of healing that leads to transformation

Transformational Healing Form

In order to connect with your energy field, I do need some personal information from you along with the details of what you want to transform.

Sessions are designed to discover and heal the underlying patterns that contribute to the creation of one specific issue. You may experience transformation in many areas of your life when working on the one issue, but please complete the form based on one "problem" you most want to transform or one desire you wish to manifest.

By completing this form, you should see significant shifts even before I do the energy work. It will also demonstrate how this formula can help you experience positive shifts in any area of your life you find uncomfortable or to be a problem. Not all of the fields are required, but the more complete you are in the form (as it relates to one issue you want to focus on in this session), the more insights you may have and the awareness will help create more of a shift.

Although you may experience shifts in many areas, it is best to focus on one thing that you would like to transform at a time.

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.
- I don't. Please tune in offline and email me a report of the reading/healing
- Over the phone. I will call you at 949-295-6135 at given time
- Via Skype. I will contact you at sundi.bright at given time.

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